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Why Hard Assets in Your IRA is Important

hard assets

As everyone knows, we are living in a strange time right now.  The coronavirus is affecting everyone across the globe.  Businesses are closed throughout the country as everyone does his or her part to stop spreading this awful virus.  The stock markets have lost all the gains they have made over the last few years.  […]

Bitcoin IRA Custodian – Why IRA Financial?

Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA is essentially an IRA that allows you to invest in Bitcoin. This is known as a Self-Directed IRA. You will need a Self-Directed IRA custodian to set-up your Bitcoin account.

Investing Without Leaving the House

investing without leaving the house

Investing Without Leaving the House With everything going on in the world today, it’s more important than ever to get your finances in check. If you haven’t checked in on your retirement plan over the last couple of weeks, you’re in for a shock. If you are completely invested in the stock market, your balance(s) […]

Why Participate in Your Company 401(k)

why participate in your company 401(k)

It’s important to participate in your company 401(k), as it has a higher contribution than the IRA and in most cases, your company will match your savings.

The Most Important IRA Rules You Should Know

important IRA rules

In general, IRAs and other retirement plans are not overly complicated to use.  However, there are several important IRA rules you should be aware of.  This is especially true for Self-Directed IRAs.  Failure to follow the rules may disqualify your plan.  Thus, all funds and investments held by your Self-Directed IRA will be distributed to […]