Is The Stock Market Overvalued?

Stock Market Overvalued

With the stock market overvalued, now might be the perfect time to take action by investing in alternative assets, like real estate and more.

Hedge Fund Investing in an IRA

hedge fund

A hedge fund is an investment sophisticated investors utilize to amass profits very quickly. They are not without risk and should be carefully considered.

IRA Financial Trust & You

financial trust

IRA Financial Trust can help you with checkbook control and your own strengths, choosing traditional or alternative investments.

Why Participate in Your Company 401(k)

why participate in your company 401(k)

It’s important to participate in your company 401(k), as it has a higher contribution than the IRA and in most cases, your company will match your savings.

Airbnb Investments with Your IRA

airbnb investments with ira

Airbnb investments are allowable in your IRA, but it must be self-directed. When using IRA funds to buy property, you must be aware of a tax called UBIT.