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Open a Solo 401(k) at Your Local Bank with IRA Financial

Capital One Solo 401(k)

Recently, IRA Financial partnered with Capital One Bank for our self-directed retirement plans.  Now, you can open your own Capital One Solo 401(k) plan or Self-Directed IRA, without ever leaving the house.  IRA Financial is the only custodian that offers checking accounts for all of our clients.  You can now open and fund your Capital One Solo 401(k) seamlessly and never have to step foot in the bank.  One of our Solo 401(k) or IRA experts will work together with you to open your account.  Plus, you won’t be hit with wiring fees and there is no account balance.  You don’t even have to deal with a custodian.

Why Choose the Capital One Solo 401(k) with IRA Financial?

When you choose us to open your Capital One Solo 401(k), also known as an Individual 401(k), we take care of the hard part.  You never have to fill out all the tedious paperwork that comes with creating the account.  This partnership allows us to create your Solo 401(k) without any needless delays or expensive fees.  The process is simple and allows you to establish a Solo 401(k) with checkbook control faster than ever.  After all, the faster you’re set up, the sooner you can start investing!

Here’s a look at how it all happens:

  • Download the new IRA Financial app and open a Capital One Solo 401(k) – IRA Financial is the first Solo 401(k) provider to offer a digital platform for  retirement investors.
  • Establish an account in just a few minutes utilizing Docu-sign.
  • An IRA Financial specialist will call you to help you get started.
  • Our experts will help customize our IRS-approved Solo 401(k) plan documents to meet your retirement and investment goals. Our partnership with Capital One allows us to open a Solo 401(k) bank account for you.
  • Your existing retirement funds are rolled over (or transferred) tax-free to IRA Financial.
  • We will open the Solo 401(k) account at Capital One.
  • The funds will be wired to the Capital One Solo 401(k) bank account.  You are in control of these funds.
  • You can then start making IRS-approved alternative investments, including real estate.
  • All income and gains from the investment go back to your account tax-free!

A Little About the IRA Financial App

Use any smart device to download and install the app. After a few short minutes and some easy questions to answer, you’ll be ready to go. Once you’re set up, an IRA Financial specialist will help you set up your Capital One Solo 401(k) plan.

Here’s what the future of Self-Directing is all about:

  • No need to ever go to the bank
  • No tedious paperwork
  • We will open the bank account for you
  • No Minimum Balance requirement
  • Get online banking in the palm of your hands
  • Automated Check Deposit Feature – which is perfect for real estate investors

Contact Us

If this sounds like something you are interested, why not give us a call at 800.472.1043! We can walk you through the app and how everything works. If you wish, you can fill out a contact form and we’ll get in touch with you!


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