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Open a Solo 401(k) at Your Local Bank with IRA Financial

Capital One Solo 401(k)

Recently, IRA Financial partnered with Capital One Bank for our self-directed retirement plans.  Now, you can open your own Capital One Solo 401(k) plan or Self-Directed IRA, without ever leaving the house.  IRA Financial is the only custodian that offers checking accounts for all of our clients.  You can now open and fund your Capital […]

Pocket 401(k) Investing is the Future

pocket 401(k)

What is the “Pocket 401(k)?” The IRA Financial Pocket 401(k) is essentially a Solo 401(k) in the palm of your hands.  The Solo 401(k) is an IRS-approved retirement account designed specifically for self-employed individuals.  No longer are you stuck in investing in the traditional assets most financial institutions offer.  These are generally limited to stocks, […]